Polymer Processing

4M Polymer Processing Division

Head: Andreas Schoth, IMTEK (Deputy: Bertrand Fillon, CEA)

A division with vision

To date

  • Industrial partners outside 4M have been involved in the round robin procedures.
  • New Institutes have been involved with some activities.
  • During the second year round robin testing was our main activity whatever the task. More than 1000 demonstrators have been produced through mold insert fabrication, injection replication and hot embossing.
  • A successful industrial workshop was held during the 4M2005 Conference.

Future goals

  • That more industrialists and new institutes will be involved in the next year and this will facilitate our main goal to reach best practice “standard procedures” in Micro/Nano replication.
  • In order to transfer the 2006 best practices and highlight them to industry, some workshops will be organised.


To reach the above main goals, different activities will be pursued in 2007:

  • Analyse the replication capabilities of roll to roll process and compare with the current replication (µ-injection, hot embossing,…) Task 4.1
  • Improve the replication capabilities of the microinjection moulding and hot embossing processes for serial manufacture of micro-components and formulate design for manufacture rules. More round robin testing will be organised between industry and institutes outside will be involved. This will also improve the comparison of microinjection moulding and hot embossing processes.Task 4.1
  • Identify a deeper individual strengths and weaknesses of mould inserts (MI) through involvement of industries to produce alternative toolmaking technologies and propose hybrid solutions that overcome some of the technical limitations of individual technologies.Task 4.2
  • Analyse the laser technologies and identify the best practise.Task 4.3.1
  • Find a standard procedure for characterizing polymer replication processes and tools, and identify critical structures for carrying out such characterizations (e.g. aspect ratio and feature sizes). Task 4.4

Cross-Divisional Projects

The Polymers processing Division is also taking an active role in the following Cross-Divisional Projects:

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