4M Micro-Optics Division

Head: Christian Wenzel, IPT


The aim of this WP is to study the entire process chain for manufacturing of micro optical systems in order to identify and develop further technologies that fit the high requirements imposed on the component precision and offering a cost effective route to mass production. In particular, the scientific and technological objectives are:

  • To analyse systematically the design of microoptical systems and the process chain associated with their production in order to define a set of design for manufacture rules;
  • To identify the limitation of process technologies used for manufacturing of micro optical components;
  • To design exemplary process chains for manufacturing of micro optical demonstration systems;
  • To propose manufacturing solutions that will fill the gaps in existing manufacturing platforms for micro optical systems and define technical problems associated with their implementation in serial production.
  • To prepare joint proposals for National and European funding that build upon the achieve integration of resources.

Description of work

The work programme for the next 18 months will be structured around the following main tasks:

Task 9.4 (Month 25-42): Machining of demonstrators for verification of the analysis
(Task leader: Christian Wenzel, Claas Müller, Dana Cristea)

Tasks 9.1 and 9.2 have been dedicated to the theoretical analysis of the current state of the art machining technologies in micro optical production. With Task 9.3 new approaches have been discussed in order to overcome state of the art drawbacks. Task 9.4 is dedicated to the machining of sample demonstrators to conclude and verify on new approaches (materials, processing strategies, assembly and alignment processes, characterisation) identified in the prior work. Task 9.4 therefore forms the base for an application linked transmission of the results into industry, especially towards European SMEs. The 4M Micro Optics Group will provide valuable knowledge for new MST applications in industry but will also encourage academia. In addition to the machining tasks, the work includes the definition of amendments to the prior tasks, strengthening the theoretical analysis of the newly defined approaches in micro optical machining.

Task 9.5 (Month 25-42): Micro Optics and Ultra-Precision technology transfer platform for European SMEs
(Task leader: Christian Wenzel, Claas Müller, Dominiek Reynaerts)

The transmission and the applied integration of SMEs is essential for the success of the 4M Network of Excellence Micro-Optics Cluster. Task 9.5 therefore is dedicated to establish a platform with different instruments of integration. The major instrument will be a 4M web page based knowledge carrier, outlining the different processes, machine tools, quality ensuring tools as well as application design possibilities in the field of micro optics. Surpassing the European level, an international benchmarking activity will be added to this platform, in order to inform about international competences and corresponding competition. The definition and elaboration of at least three European proposals will link industry and academia to successful teams. With the establishment of at least two workshops the Micro Optics group will ensure the transfer of state of the art and future R&D topics in micro optical manufacturing into industry.

In addition to these planned activities, focused on specific virtual demonstrators, the division plans the following: increased divisional and working teams videoconferencing meetings, roadmapping for realisation of current/future needs in microoptical machining, and cross-divisional partner exchange, during the this period.


D9.3 Verification of the feasibility of the proposed solutions for the optimisation of state of the art process chains (Month 26, R, PU)
D9.4: Report on production chain, special manufacturing features and overall performance of micro-optical demonstrators (month 36, R, PU)
D9.5: Internet portal with overview about machining capabilities at the 4M Micro-Optical consortium including associated partners (month 36, R, PU)

Milestones and expected results

M9.3 Three corporations with European SMEs intended to transfer the newly developed knowledge base into industrial application (Month 30, O, CO)
M9.4: 2 finished demonstrators with micro-optical features (month 36, R, PU)
M9.5: Five projects / feasibility studies with industry in the field of micro optical machining (month 36, R, CO)

Submitted on October 29, 2004 - 12:39.


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