4M Micro-Fluidics Division

Head: Martin Richter, IZM (Deputy: Thomas Velten, IBMT)


  • To adapt the partners R&D programmes to the long-term objectives of 4M in the field of microfluidics and increase the complementarities of these programmes;
  • To focus research activities on topics that will benefit from a vertical integration of R&D activities in 4M, especially between the Microfluidics Division (mFD) and technology divisions. In particular, to focus on design for manufacture and packaging issues in regards to bio/medical and microchemical platforms.
  • To address some specific problems concerning the overall functionality and cost effectiveness of disposable medical point of care systems (packaging and interfacing to their operating domain).
  • To develop new manufacturing solutions for interfacing microfluidic systems and toolmaking techniques for replication of microfluidic components.
  • To provide industry with toolboxes which contain a variety of processes and methods that can be combined in various ways to form process chains for production of various microfluidic components/systems.

Description of work

Task 10.1. Bio/Medical Platform
(Task leader: Thomas Velten)

During months month 24-30 a roadmap for closing a technological gap – detected in deliverable D10.1.1 - will be established. This roadmap will indicate which technologies, know-how and partners may be required to close the selected gap. During months 31-42 a cross divisional project will be initiated in order to define process chains for fabrication of labs-on-a-chip. The cross divisional expertise will be exploited to round out these process chains by including processes and methods from other 4M divisions (e.g. polymer, assembly and packaging, metrology). Final goal is to provide industry with a toolbox of processes and methods that can be combined in various ways to form process chains for production of various labs-on-a-chip. (remark: maybe the toolbox for process chains can be a joint deliverable for Tasks 10.1 and 10.2)

Task 10.2. New Solutions for Microfluidic Manufacturing Operations and Interfaces
(Task leader: Chantal Khan Malek, deputy: Martin Wackerle)

A matrix including fabrication techniques, construction materials, connection materials and technologies for the various applications of the 4M partners was delivered in time. For the future, white spots will be identified and show the benefit of the 4M consortium and possible cooperation of 4M partners to solve issues and attract industrial partners. The prioritized issues that require additional future pure and/or applied research will be determined, leading to possible European actions.

These tasks are used for roadmapping in order to close technological gaps (white spots) identified in former deliverables. The different tasks of WP 10 focus their activities on different applications and technology fields. The framework for closing the identified gaps is joint research projects, which can be funded directly by industry, by research organisations (e.g. internal projects) or by local governments or the EU. Results of these research projects as well as the results of the conceived toolboxes for process chains will be incorporated in joint papers and will also be disseminated at workshops organized by the microfluidics division in order to share experience and to exchange information with a wider community outside the 4M consortium. The microfluidic workshops are the ideal framework not only for dissemination but also for establishing connections to industry which may lead to commercial contracts.


D10.1.2 Roadmap for closing a technological gap in the field of POCT (month 30, R, CO)
D10.1.3 Report on a toolbox of processes and methods that can be combined in various ways to form process chains for production of various labs-on-a-chip (month 42, R, PU)
D10.2.2 Demonstration of capabilities and Proposal for future actions beyond the 4M contract (month 30, R, CO)

Milestones and expected results

M10.1 A collection of numerous microfluidics related micro fabrication processes provided by partners is available as basis for a ‘toolbox’ (month 38)

Submitted on October 29, 2004 - 12:47.


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