4M Metrology Division

4M Metrology Division

Head: Lars Mattson, KTH


  • To align the partners R&D activities in this field with the 4M long-term objectives.
  • To perform a detailed analysis of partners’ metrology provisions in the field of 4M in order to identify technology gaps.
  • To initiate joint research programme in surface roughness metrology of micro-components and the associated standardisation.
    To identify future metrology demands in 4M technologies and applications by discussions with micro-manufacturing industries.
  • To invite instrument manufacturers to a workshop and have them present their approach of production metrology for the 4M applications.
  • To set up a joint internet micro-metrology network for engineering of micro-components and production equipment.
  • To form a working group for establishment of a 4M European Metrology Centre inviting both instrument manufacturers and end-users of micro-metrology.
  • To initiate research in the critical area of High Aspect Ratio metrology for micro-components

Description of work

The work on this WP will conduct a systematic analysis of partners’ metrology provisions in the field of 4M in order to identify technology gaps and define a joint plan for development of this infrastructure. An industrial workshop will be organised to discuss future metrology with instrument manufacturers and end-users of 4M applications. Measures to address these future technology demands will be proposed and a joint programme to tackle them will be agreed:

Task 5.3 European Metrology Centre
(Leader: Lars Mattsson, KTH)

A working group will be formed to create the needed prerequisites for establishment of a 4M European MetrologyCentre in collaboration with instrument manufacturers and industry. The first step towards this ultimate integration outcome will be the setting up of a joint internet micro-metrology network. This network will be an integral part of the 4M RAS. Month 13-30, Head of Division to visit selected laboratories having metrology facilities to be listed (Delivery D5.3) in the Metrology Centre. Discussions and disseminations to be carried out with metrology staff and experts at the labs. Instruments will be assessed by reference samples for verifying status and establishing the metrology procedures (internal standards, part of WP4.4) to be used in round robin tests by other divisions. Follow up interaction with instrument deliverers. Communication with other European metrology activities and information / feedback from industry will be sought to help to establish the position of the proposed 4M Metrology Centre within the wider metrology context and community.

Task 5.4 Verification of uncertainties and high aspect ratio performance of metrology facilities
(Leader: Lars Mattsson, KTH)

As pointed out in delivery D5.1 and M5.1and the subsequent CIRP seminar article “Micro metrology – a real challenge for the future” a crucial metrology gap exists in the dimensional metrology of high aspect ratio channels and holes. Despite becoming very common in microfluidic applications, no metrology instrument deliverer provides performance data on the reliability of measured data of such structures. Thanks to the outcome of the mould making task 4.3.1 in the Polymer division, unique X-ray LIGA test structures with extreme and variable high aspect ratio features have been provided for metrology investigations. Task 5.4 will cover up the lack of performance data of instrument facilities available within the 4M instrument park, at instrument manufacturers and also at national metrology laboratories, to establish measurement limitations of today’s equipment, and act as a trigger for future instrument development.


D5.3.1 “Catalogue” of Instrument facilities and their listed performance – Living document, continuously updated and accessible on File store. (month 36, O, CO)
D5.4 “Report on high aspect ratio performance of existing measurement facilities” (month 36, R, PP)

Submitted on October 29, 2004 - 12:32.


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