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Q2MQ2M - Batch integration of high-qualityFP6
CHARPANCharged Particle NanotechFP6
Nanotechnology at the ECNanotechnology Homepage of the European
DELILADEvelopment of Lithography Technology for Nanoscale Structuring of Materials using Laser Beam InterferenceFP6
EUMECHA-PROEuropean Mechatronics for a New Generation of Production SystemsFP6
EUPASSEvolvable Ultra-Precision Assembly SystemsFP6
IPMMANImprovement of Industrial Production Integrating Macro-, Micro- and Nanotechnologies for more flexible ManufacturingFP6
LAUNCH-MICROMicroTechnologies for Re-launching European Machine Manufacturing SMEsFP6
MASMICROIntegration of Manufacturing Systems for Mass-Manufacture of Miniature/Micro-ProductsFP6
NEMONetwork of Excellence on Micro-OpticsFP6
Micro and Nanotechnology Manufacturing InitiativeMicro and Nanotechnology Manufacturing InitiativeUK
MINAMThe Working Group Micro- and NanoManufacturing (MINAM)
MICROSAPIENTSynergetic Process Integration for Efficient Micro Nano ManufacturingFP6
MINOS - EURONETMicro-Nanosystems European NetworkFP6
Institute of NanotechnologyThe Institute of
NANO2LIFEBringing Nanotechnologies to LifeFP6
PATENT - DfMMDesign for Micro and Nano Manufacture - Network of ExcellenceFP6
NAPAThe Emerging Nanopatterning Methods FP6
RIMANARadical Innovation MAskless NAnolithographyFP6
SEMOFSSurface Enhanced Micro Optical Fluidic

minam fp6
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