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NANO2LIFEBringing Nanotechnologies to LifeFP6
CHARPANCharged Particle NanotechFP6
PATENT - DfMMDesign for Micro and Nano Manufacture - Network of ExcellenceFP6
DELILADEvelopment of Lithography Technology for Nanoscale Structuring of Materials using Laser Beam InterferenceFP6
EUMECHA-PROEuropean Mechatronics for a New Generation of Production SystemsFP6
EUPASSEvolvable Ultra-Precision Assembly SystemsFP6
IPMMANImprovement of Industrial Production Integrating Macro-, Micro- and Nanotechnologies for more flexible ManufacturingFP6
MASMICROIntegration of Manufacturing Systems for Mass-Manufacture of Miniature/Micro-ProductsFP6
Micro and Nanotechnology Manufacturing InitiativeMicro and Nanotechnology Manufacturing InitiativeUK
MINOS - EURONETMicro-Nanosystems European NetworkFP6
LAUNCH-MICROMicroTechnologies for Re-launching European Machine Manufacturing SMEsFP6
Nanotechnology at the ECNanotechnology Homepage of the European
NEMONetwork of Excellence on Micro-OpticsFP6
Q2MQ2M - Batch integration of high-qualityFP6
RIMANARadical Innovation MAskless NAnolithographyFP6
SEMOFSSurface Enhanced Micro Optical Fluidic
MICROSAPIENTSynergetic Process Integration for Efficient Micro Nano ManufacturingFP6
NAPAThe Emerging Nanopatterning Methods FP6
Institute of NanotechnologyThe Institute of
MINAMThe Working Group Micro- and NanoManufacturing (MINAM)

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