4M Ceramics Division

Head: Per Johander, IVF (Deputy: Hans-Joachim Ritzhaupt-Kleissel, FZK)


  • To create the needed prerequisites for long-term integration of resources and expertise in micro-structuring of ceramics materials.
  • To find solutions to problems hindering the application of ceramic materials in microsystems-based products, based on the partners’ experience. In particular:
  • The limitation of existing platforms for manufacture of products requiring integration of several functions as flow channels, 3D electrical interconnects, heat generation, heat transport, optical interconnect etc.
  • Lack of “design for manufacture rules” for micro-components and products in ceramics.
  • The fragmented research in development of manufacturing platforms for new advanced applications requiring ceramics components.
  • To establish a European working group "Processing of ceramic micro components".
  • To prepare joint proposals for National and European funding that build upon the achieve integration of resources within 7FP.

Description of work

Further workshops will be organized especially with participation of industrial companies. During these workshops status and perspectives of the ceramic’s division activities will be presented and discussed. Hereby the companies shall act as an industrial advisory board. The work in the ceramic division will be structured around the following tasks for the 3rd 18 months period with the aim to, integrate companies and to continue the extension of cooperation.

Task 8.1. Hybrid Manufacturing Techniques and Technology Transfer
(Task Leaders: Sjoerd Hasse IMEGO; Robert Dorey, Cranfield; Carmen Moldovan IMT)

Continuation of the gas sensor project: task leader Carmen Moldovan Integration of industrial companies and academic outside 4M into projects, Industrial Work Shops Inventory of new direct printing technologies for manufacturing, e.g. ink jet printing. Task Leader Robert Dorey

A contact conference between the Ceramic and Sensors & Actuators Cluster will be organised 8th of November (active researcher “speed dating” – e.g. final year PhD & postdocs). The ambition is start 5-10 projects similar to the Gas sensor project between partner in the Ceramic and Sensor & Actuators Clusters Task leader Sjoerd Hassel.

Task 8.2. Ceramic Micro Milling Processing
(Task leader: Thomas Gietzelt, FZK)

The results from the projects and workshops have collected and compiled in the “Handbook for Micro Manufacturing of Ceramics” during the first 24 months period. This work will be upgraded and the ambition is that this handbook will be upgraded to a form and quality that could be published.

Task 8.3. Integrated Design and Manufacture: Ceramic Micro Processing
(Task leader: Thomas Gietzelt, FZK)

Process characterisation for ceramic micro milling.


D8.1.3 Start 5-10 new projects between the Ceramic and Sensor & Actuators clusters ( month 30, O, PU)
D8.1.2 Overview paper of direct writing methods. (month 42, O, PU)
D8.2.1 Upgrade the “Handbook for Micro Manufacturing of Ceramics” for publishing (month 42, O, PU)
D8.3 Database of strength limiting process conditions for ceramic micro milling (zirconia) (month 42, O, PU)

Milestones and expected result

M 8.1 Contact Conference (month 26) and projects started (month 30, O, CO)
M 8.1.2 Prototype of advanced sensor is available (month 36, D, PU)
M 8.3 Content/structure of handbook established (month 30, R, CO)

Submitted on October 29, 2004 - 12:38.


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