4M2008 Conference

Photo: Courtesy of MEC, Cardiff University

Conference Chair

Prof. Stefan Dimov, Cardiff University, UK

Conference Co-Chair

Prof. Wolfgang Menz, Germany

4M2007 Conference, Borovets, Bulgaria

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Aim and Themes

The main goal of the Conference is to provide a forum for experts from industry and academia to share the results of their in-depth investigations and engage in interdisciplinary discussions about the creation of micro-manufacturing capabilities. Papers are invited to present the latest advances in developing new processes and process chains for multi-material micro manufacture and their applications in microsystems-based products.
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and sections on:

  • Materials: characterisation and processing
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • Process characterisation including process chains
  • Metrology: inspection and characterisation methods
  • Components: fabrication and assembly technologies
  • Systems: novel product and system designs
  • Readership
    The volume will be of interest to all engineers and scientists, whether in academia or industry, working in the field of nanotechnology and micro manufacture.




    Day 1: Tuesday, 9-Sept-08


    Day 2: Wednesday, 10-Sept-08


    Day 3: Thursday, 11-Sept-08


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    Keynote papers


    Biphasic reactions in microreactors


    Engineered Self-assembly From Nano to Milli Scales


    Mircofabrication using a Single Mode Yb Fiber Laser


    Traceable measurement of areal surface texture


    Utilising Electrochemical Deposition for Micro Manufacturing


    Q2M Special Session


    Batch Fabrication Methods for Polymer Based Active Microsystems using Hot Embossing and Transfer Bonding Technologies


    Fabrication of piezoelectric thick-film bimorph micro-actuators from bulk ceramics using batch-scale methods


    Material aspects for batch integration of PZT thin films using transfer bonding technologies – Q2M development


    The integration of mono-crystalline silicon micro-mirrors on CMOS for SLM applications


    Towards Batch Integration of SMA into Microsystems: An Actuator Prototype


    Wafer-scale manufacturing of robust trimorph bulk SMA microactuators


    Components: fabrication and assembly technologies


    A new tool for aligned micro-embossing and nano-imprinting


    Concept for Fluidic Self-Assembly of Micro-Parts Using Electro-Static Forces


    Concept for Packaging of a Silicon based Biochip


    Electric fields in a hybrid batch fluidic micromanipulation concept


    Fabrication of stainless steel micro components using softlithography


    Flexible microfluidics based on commercial SU8 foils


    High Density Interconnections Fabrication by UV Lasers Microprocessing of Microvias and Microstructures


    Investigation of Material Compatibility for Embedding Stereolithography


    Large-area metal-coated dielectric nanopillar array for excitation of surface plasmon resonance


    Manufacturing and replication of cell aligning micro structures


    Manufacturing of Versatile Ceramic or Metal Micro Components by Powder Injection Moulding


    Microfabrication of Components for a Novel Biomimetic Neurological Endoscope


    Single- and multi-layer conductive patterns fabricated using M3D technology


    Towards automation in AFM based nanomanipulation and electron beam induced deposition for microstructuring


    Ultrasonic welding of micro plastic parts


    Wafer-scale transfer of nanoimprinted pattern into silicon substrates


    X-ray pattern analysis of electroplated two-component moulds used for the production of micro gear wheels


    Metrology: inspection and characterisation methods 


    Approaching a sub-micron capability index using a Werth Fibre Probe System WFP


    How reliable are surface roughness measurements of micro-features? - Experiences of a Round Robin test within nine 4M laboratories


    Measurement of frequency response of the bone ossicles in the sheep middle ear by the fiber-optic microphone


    Micro-ultrasonic metrology of multi-material electronic devices


    Novel materials: characterisation and processing 


    3D micro and nanostructuring of an epoxy based resist by electron beam lithography


    An analysis of the effects of nanolayered nitride coatings on the lifetimes and wear of tungsten carbide micromilling tools


    Carbon nanotubes grown directly on printed electrode of electrochemical sensor


    Dielectric properties of hydroxyapatite based ceramics


    DRIE of non-conventional materials: first results


    Explosive welding of Ni- based amorphous foils for micro-tooling applications


    FT-IR study of nanosurface phenomena


    Investigation of the mechanical behaviour of thin metal sheets using the hydraulic bulge test


    Machining of polystyrene by UV laser radiation for patch clamping device fabrication


    Micro Electrical Discharge Machining of Si3N4-based Ceramic Composites


    Micro-extrusion of an ultrafine grained copper can


    Micromachined silicon electrodes for electrochemical micromachining


    Micromachining of amorphous and crystalline Ni78B14Si8 alloys using micro-second and pico-second lasers


    Process characterisation including process chains


    A study of factors affecting the performance of micro square endmills in milling of hardened tool steels


    Electrochemical finishing of nickel microstructures


    Force analysis in micro milling Al 6082 T6 in various engagement conditions


    Hot embossing of high aspect ratio sub-μm structured surfaces for micro fluidic applications


    Improved bonding strength in hybrid micro parts by using plasma


    Influence of process parameter variation on ceramic feedstock flow behaviour


    Investigations in Variothermal Injection Moulding of Microstructures and Microstructured Surfaces


    Manufacturing and verification of tools for ECF


    Micro injection moulding: an experimental study on the relationship between the filling of micro parts and runner designs


    Micro-Injection moulding: surface treatment effects on part demoulding


    Strategies for material removal in laser milling


    TEM/SEM and FT-IR characterization of biocompatible magnetic nanoparticles


    Template fabrication incorporating different length scale features


    Wire electro discharge grinding: surface finish optimisation


    Process modelling and simulation 


    Geometry Optimization of Micro Milling Tools


    Implementation strategies for the optimization of micro injection moulding simulations


    Influence of Force Components on Thin Wire EDM


    Micro injection moulding: simulation of melt flow behaviour


    Modelling the Solidification-Structure of Al Micro-Castings as a function of their Aspect Ratio and Mould Pouring Temperature


    Numerical modelling and experimental characterization of short pulse laser microforming of thin metal sheets


    On the force between two metallic plates of a gripper immersed in a nonpolar fluid


    Simulation of Microforming Processes by Applying a Mesoscopic Model


    А study of the gate size effects on the process of optical data storage micro-scale replication


    Systems: novel product and system designs 


    Active microvalves for micro-fluidic networks in plastics – selecting suitable actuation schemes


    An integrated all-optical microfluidic particle sorter


    Feasibility of polymers for wafer scale capping of RF MEMS


    Low-power humidity sensor for RFID applications


    Sub-Micron Referencing System for Ultraprecision Machining Processes