4M Assembly and Packaging Division

4M Assembly & Packaging Division

Head: Erik Jung, IZM (Deputy: Andreas Schneider, RAL)


  • To actively participate in cross-divisional projects with other 4M divisions following the recommendation of the Industrial Advisory Board.
  • To establish a public workshop in mid 2007 based on the 4M divisional workshop in Nov. 2006 to showcase the work of the Assembly and Packaging division.
  • To achieve a joint technology demonstrator to verify the seamless integration of partners’ resources.
  • To prepare a web page compartment on the 4M website dedicated to the A&P cluster to channel A&P queries and exhibit available A&P expertise

Description of work

Four topics of interest have been agreed on as a continuation of the JPA after month 25. The continuation of the activities especially from the findings of the CDP´s with WP6 involvement is emphasized by improving the matrix of available expertise and “white spots”. Roadmapping results from the respective workshops will be included in the focus of the integration activities. The hybrid technology demonstrator derived from the initial Task 6.4 is being used to verify several fabrication processes from within the WP6 partners, generating even more technical integration in the partner institutes for cooperative work. Cross divisional integration to allow technical perspectives from within the WP6 to the other WP´s is strengthened.

In addition, WP6 will provide information on the use and application (benefits and issues) of SU8/LIGA Technology to WP4, specifically Task 4.3, to strengthen the interaction between the technological clusters.

These targets will be addressed by sectioning the activities in two tasks:

Task 6.2. Reliability and Lifetime: Influence of Assembly/Packaging on Polymeric Microsystems
(Leader: Juergen Wilde, IMTEK)

Reliability of complex, polymer based Microsystems is widely a white are as identified in a previous deliverable. A better understanding of the behaviour is required to give a perspective for use these in various fields of application.

Task 6.3: Integrated Process Flows for Assembly of Polymeric Microsystems
(Leader: CEA; deputy: Nikos Aspragathos, Patras)

Based on the two demonstrators, three process flows with state-of-the-art technology will be identified and backed by virtual process flow descriptors. Comparing them against process indicators will allow a high level view on the individual processing aspects.


D6.3 Reliability test methodology and results on the basis of the polymeric demonstrator as of 6.1 (month 30, R, PU) – Task 6.2
D6.4 List of updated shareable resources, available expertise, to be presented on the 4M website (month 30, O, PU)
D6.5 Public Workshop held in mid 2007


M6.2 Finalized process flow for biocompatible packaging of the drug delivery system (month 30, R, PU) - Task 6.1
M6.3 Best practice description for PEMS reliability testing – public document on 4M website (month 36, R, PU) – Task 6.2
M6.4 Three established process flows described and benchmarked for the hybrid PEMS demonstrator derived from the previous Task 6.4 (month 42, HW, PU)

Submitted on October 29, 2004 - 12:35.


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