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Fraunhofer IPT - Machining of MicroOptical Structures


Christian Wenzel
Submitted on September 28, 2005 - 08:33.


The Institute for Microsystem Technology (IMTEK), founded in 1995, is one of the largest academic institutions in this field. As it was created completely from scratch as part of the new-founded Faculty of Applied Sciences we share a new campus with modern teaching and training facilities together with the Institute of Computer Science. The foundation of a new technical faculty provided the chance not only to use new facilities but also to create a novel engineering course which differs significantly from traditional engineering disciplines. So the basis for the specification of the course has been the questions for the indispensable skills of a ‘universal’ engineer of the 21st century. The curriculum was inaugurated in October 1996 when the first classes started in the course microsystem technology. The first graduations have been in spring 2001. Between 1998 and 2001 about 90 freshmen started studying Microsystem Technology every year. The curriculum has been modified several times since 1996 in order to comply more and more with our initial goals.

Andreas Schoth
Submitted on March 10, 2005 - 08:08.

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