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Feasibility study for microfluidic separation device for biological fluids2003Imego AB18Denator ABYes
Glide performance vs surface microstructure1699KTH10ConfidentialNo
Grinding/pulverizing technology applicable to silicon1821MEC, Cardiff1ConfidentialNo
Laser microdrilling optimisation1741University of Naples Federico II25RTM SpAYes
Laser system for micro fabrication1746University of Naples Federico II25Lasit SrlYes
Lubrication Dosing for Industrial Application2485IZM 4Stahlecker GmbHYes
Manufacturing of Frenel prism to embossing calender1585BUTE22Precipart Ltd.Yes
Manufacturing of microparts with micro-turning and micro-drilling1733BUTE22IONTO-COMED Hungary Ltd.Yes
Metrological characterisation of advanced material products for the aerospace industry1734University of Naples Federico II25ALENIA ScpAYes
Metrological characterisation of insulated gate bipolar transistor assembly devices for the railways industry1738University of Naples Federico II25Ansaldo Breda SpAYes
Metrology application for quality assurance of coated steel products1731University of Naples Federico II25Ferrosud 2 ScrlYes
Metrology applications for quality assurance of rolled and drawn steel products1698University of Naples Federico II25IMI SudYes
Metrology applications for quality assurance of rolled steel products1697University of Naples Federico II25Ferriere Nord SpAYes
Micro feature characterisation in sheet metal stamping1747University of Naples Federico II25Autostamp SrlYes
Micro feature characterisation of aerosapce products1743University of Naples Federico II25Magnaghi Aeronautica SpAYes
Monitoring and control of CBN grinding of Ni base alloy jet engine components1735University of Naples Federico II25Avio Group SpAYes
Nondestructive Evaluation of Micro Casting Products for Aerospace803University of Naples Federico II25E.M.A. Europea Microfusioni Aerospaziali SpAYes
Powder metallurgy micro fabrication1744University of Naples Federico II25Miba SinterYes
Reverse engineering for micro fabrication1745University of Naples Federico II25Fox Bit SpAYes
Theoretical background of sinking electrical discharge machining and electrode materials selection2247University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering23Intehna d.o.o.No

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