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What is the Research Advisory Service?

It is the means by which companies and individuals can benefit from the skills and expertise of the 4M partners. If you have any problem in the field of micro-manufacture in ceramics, plastics and metals you can address it to the RAS and, if we can, we will offer you help or advice.

How do I use the Research Advisory Service?

You can either use the RAS Search tool to search by subject, or you can browse through the descriptions of each partner (see RAS Nodes) to determine which 4M Partner will be most able to respond to your query. Alternatively you can address your query to us at 4M_Info and we will seek the most appropriate node to offer you appropriate advice. For a good example of how it works, take a look at this RAS Report.

How much will it cost?

Normally initial discussions about a possible project are free of charge. In the event of the discussions leading to a pilot project being carried out, or the manufacture of a test piece, this may be part-funded from the 4M RAS. Up to €5,000 may be available in match-funding.

Submitted on October 11, 2007 - 12:55.


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