Short Pulse Laser Milling effects on Surface Integrity

P V Petkov, S S Dimov, R. Minev and D T Pham
Manufacturing Engineering Centre, Cardiff University, Queen’s Building, Newport Road, The Parade, Cardiff, CF24 3AA, UK


Laser milling of engineering materials is a viable alternative to conventional methods for machining complex micro components. The laser source employed to perform such micro structuring has a direct impact on achievable surface integrity. At the same time, the trade offs between high removal rates and the resulting surface integrity should be taken into account when selecting the most appropriate ablation regime for performing laser milling. In this paper the effects of pulse duration on surface quality and material microstructure are investigated when ablating a material commonly used for manufacturing micro tooling inserts. When performing ultra short pulsed laser ablation some heat is dissipated into the bulk but not sufficient to trigger significant structural changes.

Submitted on November 12, 2007 - 16:23.


Beam-based | Laser ablation

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