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The ceramics substrates microprocessing by high precision laser technologies for microsystems, microsensors and actuators applications

Dr. Dumitru Ulieru (a), Dr. Ileana Cernica (b)
(a) ROMES S.A., 126 A, Iancu Nicolae Str, 77190, Voluntari (Bucharest), Romania,
(b) IMT – Bucharest, 32B, Erou Iancu Nicolae Str., 77190, Voluntari (Bucharest), Romania


Microsystems (MST) as MEMS, MOEMS, MCMs, microsensors and actuators uses the same techniques as microelectronics processing to create structural components that are essentially micronic or submicronic mechanical parts. These parts usually require high precision fabrication unless post-fabrication finishing. For various types of materials of which a great used for obtaining microsystems, micro and nanodevices the laser micro and nanoprocessing is the best solution for accuracy and roughness surface quality high precision technologies suitable for batch processing of ceramics and other MSN substrate materials.

  • High precision microdrilling of microvias and different microholes configurations.
    Technical features of microprocessing for microsystems application with RF MCM detailed presented in the paper as
    shown on more tables with analyze of answers of more kind of support materials at laser radiation. The authors present also the detailed results of microprocessing of microholes realized by different lasers radiation as UV, Nd:YAG and CO2 for microvias of higher layers count for high density circuits ( HDI ) connection microholes as blind, through tapered holes, circular a/o squared areas etc.

  • Microcutting and contouring processing by high precision laser technologies.
    On the paper are presented the experiments and results studies obtained by the authors on the basis of high precision laser for chips separation and / or singulation on ceramics wafer processed including as individual extraction possibility.
  • Surface patterning generation by laser microprocessing
    The fine pattern generation of metal or alloy films on ceramic substrates can be structured directly with the laser direct patterning process. Our novel technology applications unless chemicals can resolve this problem by offering structuring processing of sensors and sensors systems able to fulfill these requirements.
Submitted on May 20, 2008 - 08:26.

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