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4M Description

The 4M Network is a Knowledge Community in Multi-Material Micro Manufacture.

Funded by the EC, the Network seeks to develop Micro- and Nano- Technology (MNT) for the batch-manufacture of micro-components and devices in a variety of materials for future microsystems products.

The Network acts as a knowledge resource to the research community and to industry in the development of microsystems devices that provide new, enhanced, and multi functionality in tiny packages, integrating micro and nano scale features and properties into products and systems.

4M Structure

The Network comprises over 150 researchers from 30 partner institutions, supported by over 60 industrial affiliates, and organised into 8 research divisions:

4M Activities

4M Division activities include:

  • Collaborative projects
  • Researcher training and exchanges
  • Workshops in micro manufacture
  • Technical publications
  • Cross-divisional interdisciplinary projects

4M Network dissemination activities include:

  • 4M Website information and publications
  • 4M Annual Conference
  • Workshops in micro manufacture
  • 4M Advisory Service to Industry
  • News updates to 4M Affiliate Members
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